Monday, April 7, 2008

How do I get a girl?

When I walk by a pretty girl, it makes my heart beat run faster.. And I think, 'Will she be the one? I really want to find love...'

Finding love isn't the issue this moment. It's finding the right girl. Honestly, there really isn't a right girl. Well, there is but it's more like girls. Yes, it is possible. Your ex's can be the right girl but that doesn't mean you're lost without them. Go out there and flirt! Places to out and get your 'thang' on are: the mall, the park, chat rooms, fast food restaurants, etc. Pretty much anywhere.

When you start flirting, there are things you should do.
1. Don't ever go up to her girl randomly and say, "Hey, sweet thang." I swear to God, you'd be the stupidest person there. You'd feel stupid too after she laughs at you and walks away or if she gives you a look that says, "What the **** is wrong with your crazy ass?" and inches away from you. Don't ever.

2. If she's with her friends, slyly walk past her, while trying to get her attention, with your head down a bit ( not all the way down because you'll look like you're really shy and depressed. ), glance at her and crookedly grin. I see it all the time and it makes me want to melt. It's ***y and it works all the time.

3. If you don't get her attention, don't walk back and fourth because it'll look like you're trying to to stalk her really badly. Just somehow walk back near her and drop something, and pick it up. It'll possibly get her attention. If she looks at you after the picking up the dropped object, glance up at her, smirk at your success and coolly say, "Hey."

4. If that didn't work, pick a different girl and do the same thing.

5. Once you're somehow in conversation with her, don't say things like, "You're a real ***y chick."

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