Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Online Dating - Should You Date Online?

Well, some people are cut out for internet dating and some aren't. If you are the type of person that has trouble "wrapping" your mind around something or someone you can't reach out and touch? Then online dating may not be for you.

Should you date online?

Only if you have enough self control to control the relationship. Some Singles will meet someone online and literally turn their entire life over to them without a second thought. Then when the bottom falls out, they end up feeling pretty foolish! Then they will tell everyone that will listen that online dating doesn't work. When the truth of the matter is that online dating didn't work for them because they stepped into it without the necessary skills.

Should you date online?

Yes...if you can trust yourself to think with your gut and mind...and nothing else. If your aren't blinded by all of the insincere terms of endearment that will be showered all over you! If in the past your relationship problems stemmed from you thinking with your heart? Online dating may not be right for you. At least not now...

If you get involved with online dating and allow your heart and loneliness to control the relationship? You are setting yourself up to be misused, cheated and conned.

Should you date online?

Only if you are a good judge of character. If you can spot a liar and a con man? You will probably fine and safe with online dating.

You must take full responsibility of the online relationships you choose to become a part of.

Learn as many online dating tools as necessary. I have no doubt you will be okay!
Do you know how to: Find...Catch...and Keep the love of your 7 Days?


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