Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Places to Visit While Dating in Saskatchewan

Saskatchewan is a province in Canada and is found between Alberta and Monitoba. It was named after a river. This province is estimated to be having a population of about a million people. The largest city in this province is known as Saskatoon while the provincial capital is called Regina. It has other cities like the Moosejaw, Syorkoton, and North Battleford. The climate of Saskatchewan is largely controlled by the large water body that surrounds it. It has a humid continental climate with cold summers. This province has a lot of parks, museums and lakes. It is one of those places you cannot simply miss something to do for fun if you are dating in Saskatchewan. You can visit one of the tourists attraction areas and see great sites or spend the day in the house and later in the evening go out for a romantic dinner in one of the local restaurants.

If you are dating in Saskatchewan and you are in the Moosejaw region, you should go to the tunnels of Moosejaw. Moosejaw tunnels have a lot of historical tunnels that connect one to a secret room or building in the city. One of this tunnel was used by the Chinese immigrants to come to Canada in the early 20th century. They have a guided tour so you need not to worry about getting lost. These tours are very interactive and you will not only have fun going down the tunnels but also learning more about this tunnels. The tunnels have been named and there is the The Passage of Fortune and the Al Capone and the bootleggers tunnel.

Visit the parks if you are dating in Saskatchewan. The people of this province have quite a number of parks you can go to. There is the Prince Albert National Park which has a great landscape that you can both go to admire. This landscape was created with the passaged of glacier through this park. This park has many animals from different species. They have many birds. You should visit this place if you are a bird lover and see some unique species of birds that live here. They also have camping grounds that you and your date can go for camping in. You can also do activities like canoeing while in this very park. If night catches up with you, you can spend it in one of the cabins in the park.

Do not forget to go and visit the museums while dating in Saskatchewan. This province has some great museums that have some great history. There is the Museum at the Duck Lake region that you can go to, The Royal Saskatchewan Museum which is found in Regina which has a lot of natural and cultural history of the province. They have rotating selection of artifacts that are interesting. This museum also has some three permanent galleries that you can take a look at. You should spend half a day in this museum so that you finish going through the museum and learning all there is to learn about the museum and the artifacts. Go and see great virtual art in MacKenzie Art Gallery

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