Thursday, March 13, 2008

Does Online Dating Really Work?

Give Online Dating a Try

If you were to have asked that question to dating singles a few years ago the answer would be a resounding "no". Experience over the past few years as results are coming in from online dating services the answer becomes a bit more positive yet conditional. Just as dating the traditional way requires time and effort a successful online dating experience requires about the same commitment. You wouldn't necessarily expect a romantic true love relationship to develop in a traditional approach if you were to never call or only spend five minutes a week on meeting a perspective match. Additionally, if you never dressed up for a traditional date you might be waiting a long time to meet the true love of your life.

Put your best face forward. All online dating sites provide their members a place to post personals ads. This personals ad space is your billboard. It gives other singles a five-second-look at you so use every tool in building your personals ad. Some online dating services provide you with the ability to upload a picture, audio clip and even a video clip of yourself. Don't pass on these opportunities. Posting a video clip on your personals ad space is a huge advantage over those who only post a photo. Singles and perspective suitors will linger at your ad longer and video and/or audio clips give them a unique connection to you. It is true that personals ads with pictures have an 80 more desirable.

As technology improves more online dating sites are beginning to introduce audio and video chat. These services provide online singles a way to see and hear the other person. This is a tremendous advantage. Seeing a photo and chatting through email or in a chat room is great for learning more about a person but actually being able to talk and see that other person is paramount. Spending time just talking with someone and learning by observing their body language tips the scales a bit away from the old traditional approach.

Dating sites that spin the personality profile as the definitive solution for matching singles are no substitute for actually spending the time getting to know the other person. There is no conclusive evidence that personality matching really works. Really getting to know one another is the best solution. There are no shortcuts to finding love. There are, however, tools that make it more fun, safe, and convenient for meeting other singles. Pick an online dating service that offers the most and the latest tools for meeting singles. Be prepared to put some time in on developing your online relationships. Log onto your dating service and hang out in the chat room, send casual messages to other singles that you would like to learn more about. Remember online relationships can be very fulfilling and long-lived. Give them the time they deserve.

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