Thursday, March 13, 2008

When Venus and Mars Meet

When Venus and Mars meet, I am not talking about the planets. I am talking two people who are attractive to each other and have sex for a purpose. Let’s talk about the purpose of having sex. Sex is not foreplay unless you want to. Sex is not only about sex. To most people, sex is ‘making love’. They are sharing their body and emotions to someone they love most. If people have sex just to get some and to release stress, then what is love for?

I know people are responsible for their own actions. They have the right to make a choice to have sex or not, but I can’t change the way they think about sex. People love having sex because it brings out excitement and pleasure. People love having sex to satisfy their partner. People love having sex at the heat of the moment. That is not love, period.

Another reason I want to mention is people have sex just to rank up their count and experience. I advise men and women not to do this because it will haunt you later on in life. What happens if you’re on your date and they ask you how many times you have sex, and how many people? What are you going to say? 6? 10?

To men, if you’re on a date and they say 7, what are you going to think? Is this too much for a woman? Of course, women have it much harder than men do in today’s society.

To women, if you’re on a date and they say 15, what are you going to think? That this guy is no use to me and he will just run away if we have sex?

My point is, sex should be based on whether you want to share it with someone you are in love with. People should be protective and must choose their actions correctly. If sex is about having sex and nothing more than that, then reconsider your actions. When Venus and mars meet, anything is possible. Being in love is possible.

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