Wednesday, July 30, 2008

For Men Only - The Secret of Finding True Love

Have you been longing for an intimate, loving and lasting relationship that will give you a life filled with happiness, constant affection, peace of mind, and someone you can introduce to your family and friends and say "I want you to meet my soul mate, my one true love"? Everyone has a soul mate waiting to be found; the one obstacle standing in your way is to discover that very special one.

Deep down everyone in their right mind wants exactly that and they don't want to keep wishing and waiting to meet the right person. Having Expectations of meeting the right person at a party, a bar, or at the office can go on forever. Anyone meeting their soul mate by chance is a million to one shot. Sure you may meet someone that throws you for a loop, and the infatuation starts to set in and you do flips over that gal and you're positive its true love, but when reality sets in you have to ask, is it love or simply infatuation?

I will say there is a 99.9% chance it is infatuation, you know the feeling, love at first sight, your heart beats faster and faster, you can't wait to call her several times a day. You wait with great expectations for your next meeting and the scenario goes on and on until one day you wake up to the fact that you don't want to spend the rest of your life with this person.

Maybe after the smoke clears you notice more and more about the behavior of this woman that bothers you. Maybe she is always late or cancels often. Possibly you don't like the way she is not as affectionate as before, and list can go on forever. This is a good indication that your infatuation dampened your judgment which can and does happen with most of us when we can't distinguish between love and infatuation. The feeling of passion can release all kinds of hormones and send us into a tail spin. You know the old saying "I went head over heels over her" Well that's it, that's the feeling I am talking about.

It feels better than inheriting a million bucks, and some of us would give up anything to keep that feeling for the rest of our lives, but guess what, studies show that infatuation last a maximum of two years and then reality sets in and the feelings start to crumble.

That's why it pays to be matched up with the right personally and profile before you even meet the person of your dreams. You can be matched with someone that is your perfect counterpart or soul mate. A soul mate should be someone not only very lovely on the outside but also pleasing on the inside, and attracted at the level of the soul. Of course there must be chemistry, and lots of it, but it must be chemistry that lasts and lasts for a lifetime. This may seem like it sounds impossible but it's not, studies have shown that match making has much more chance of success and lasting a lifetime that any other type of introduction, meeting at the office or by chance.

That's why many match making companies have millions of members, one boasts having over 30 million members and grows every year. That in itself says something about the success of this type of service doesn't it.

The profound difference regarding the service I am talking about and others is this is for single men interested in meeting some of the most beautiful Latin ladies on earth. These ladies are raised and taught from early childhood by their mothers that when they reach the age of marriage that they should care for their husbands in every fashion, and put their man before anyone else. Above all these ladies are not feminists in any way, shape or form, however they are very feminine, beautiful, caring, loving, and without hesitation very attentive to their soul mates. They don't consider it a duty to care for their soul mate they truly enjoy pleasing their man. A little different than some other places in the world, isn't it?

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